Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Introduction Letter to Parents

Here is my introduction letter that will be presented to the parents of my 3rd grade students. I will also be making a brief speech to explain who I am and my purpose for being present in the class.

Meet The Student Teacher!

Dear Families,

Hi, my name is Mrs. Hall and I will be student teaching in 3rd grade this fall semester alongside my coopertating teacher. Student teaching will be my last step before graduating with a degree in Elementary Education from Park University right here in the Northland.

I have already had experiences working within the Independence, Smithville and Park Hill school districts in various grade levels. This semester will be my first time working in a 3rd grade classroom.

Through my experiences in the field of teaching I have truly found a passion and enthusiasm for helping youth grow academically. I am excited to start the school year and look forward to learning and growing with your son/daughter.    


Brooke Hall

About Me

Favorite Food: Mexican

Favorite Color: Blue

Favorite Summer Event: Getting Married

Hobbies: Volleyball, Walking My Dog Sofie

Favorite Sports Team: Kansas Jayhawks                                                                                                                                                                                        

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